We are registered members of DOGSSA.

Our litters are planned with temperament, conformation and soundness in mind and our expectations are a biddable, friendly intelligent dog with working ability along with good conformation, soundness and type. As we intend to keep pups from the litters we breed we look for these qualities in our girls and the same in the matured stud dogs we use.

Our puppies are raised in our house in a family environment and are very well loved and socialized.
All our pups are:
Vet Checked

Our pups are sold on the *Limited Register* Pedigree and registered with Dogssa. We offer a lifetime of support to new owners and love to receive photos and to hear how the pups are going. Our pups go to their new homes with a bag of food, a folder which includes vaccination certificate, health check and lots of information for raising your new baby, toy and blanket from the whelping box, lead & collar and much more.

Our breeding dogs are from good healthy Quality Australian, English & European lines and are tested for hereditary problems in our breed. Our dogs are of sound temperament. We do not breed for colour as every litter can have colours ranging in our breed standard from Cream to Gold (but not red or mahogany).

Adding a new puppy to your family is something not to be undertaken lightly. Puppies need to be fed, groomed, veterinary care, socialized, educated and exercised. They need attention and to be loved and cared for all their lives.